Teak Life: Everything You Need to Know to Protect Your Deck

Whether you are restoring an old teak deck or protecting a new one, Teak Life can extend the life of your deck, protecting it from sun, salt and spray. Teak Life was born from a passion for the sea combined with a passion for the beauty and performance of wood.

The robust Teak Life product line includes: Teak Life Wood Wash, which creates a clean, natural-looking wood surface; Teak Jammer, a high-performance seam sealant and structural adhesive; Teak Life UV, a teak finish available in two tones, and Teak Life UV Topcoat, which blends with Teak Life UV as a top- and maintenance coat.

Here are the step-by-step instructions you need to follow to successfully protect your teak deck.

  • Remove Old Caulking: With any project, preparation is the most important first step. Remove any dried out, brittle caulking between the planks using a knife or an oscillating saw equipped with a special bit, being careful not to splinter the teak as you work.
  • Sand Thoroughly: Protect the fiberglass and hardware components of the boat with tape, then sand the surface of the teak using 60 grit paper. This important step will level the surface and open the pores of the wood to prepare it for absorbing the Teak Life finish.
  • Apply Teak Jammer: Tape the teak boards, ensuring the tape does not get into the joints where you will be applying Teak Jammer. Using a caulking gun, apply Teak Jammer into the joints, being careful to get the product all the way to the bottom of the joint. Teak Jammer sets quickly, so work in small areas, taking time to trowel off the excess product before moving to the next section. Apply light pressure as you trowel to ensure the product penetrates the joint completely. Allow the product to cure for about an hour before carefully removing the tape.
  • Apply the Finish: This first coat of Teak Life UV is designed to penetrate deep into the wood, protecting it against UV light. Teak Life UV Topcoat is the second coat, which will also be the maintenance coat that you will reapply every 9-18 months depending on the usage and exposure of your boat, as well as your geographic location. It’s important to keep the first coat really wet, allowing it to soak into the wood before wiping away any excess product with a dry brush or cloth. Perform this work on a cloudy day or at the least out of direct sunlight and extreme heat will help you achieve a beautiful and durable finish.

One last note: be proactive about maintenance. Inspect the finish every 12-18 months and apply a maintenance coat to help keep the wood protected and looking beautiful.

To learn more, go to TeakLife.com.

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