Freight:  Standard shipping is ground delivery to your address within North America, excluding Alaska, without inclusion of any extra services and charges, including tailgate, liftgate, carry-in, missed window, etc. Responsibility for the incurrence and payment of any such charges is the complete responsibility of you the buyer  To avoid any unneccessary or unwanted charges, we recommend that you review, verify, and document the services being provided with the delivery driver prior to unloading. Review and Verify: Are the Bill of Lading, Packing Slip and other paperwork correct? Inspect: Is the quantity, quality and condition of the order acceptable? All boxes (even if they do not appear damaged) should be opened to check for concealed damages. Inspect the freeze tabs (found in the colored envelope on shipment in colder season only). If your shipment is complete and in good order, accept by signing the bill of lading. If your shipment is incomplete or damaged, please document any discrepancies directly on the waybill and have the driver sign to acknowledge. The Sansin Corporation will not assume responsibility or liability for delivery problems if discrepancies are not noted on the waybill. Take Action: Please notify your Teak Life representative with all problems within 24 hours by telephone (877) 726-7461. Do not contact the shipping company directly.

All prices are in US dollars

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